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since this product is able to produce a variety of food from hearty savory meals to creamy desserts, it inspired me to write about noodles & creme brulee respectively.

accord food house (一心面典)
4611 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC  V5H
(604) 435-5777

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angel, carol and lulu brought me to 一心面典 last november. the restaurant is really small so you gotta reserve place before heading there, especially during dinner & lunch times. there was once i walked in and immediately walked out of the store as the place was very crowded. it is pretty cozy as it is a family restaurant. my friend was the waiter there so i should give him full credit for taking photos of us countless times and introducing desserts and noodles to us although we were very indecisive.

creme brule – CAN$5-6

from what kevin told me, the creme brule was made by the owner herself. truth to be told, it was just like any other creme brule. however, i like the creme brule here way better than fairmount hotel.  the creme brule at fairmount is a little too starchy while the creme brule at 一心面典 is softer and smoother. the fruits (strawberries, cherries) surrounding the creme brule taste so good & fresh too.

ratings: 3/5★

mango pudding – CAN$5-6

carol and lulu both ordered the mango pudding. it was coated with chocolate, topped with strawberries and raspberries and surrounded by a chocolate macaroon. it is amazing how small restaurants can be so specific in their desserts. i only got a bite of it and i found it tonnes better than the creme brule. carol and lulu also enjoyed their meal.

ratings: 4.5/5★

assorted biscotti – CAN$5-6

the assorted biscotti angel got consisted of a green tea macaroon, a chocolate macaroon, a gingerbread man cookie, a sugar-coated biscotti and an ordinary biscuit topped with chocolate. although the macaroons were made by the chinese owner, it was so much more authentic than the macaroons i had at saint germain, which i wrote about at here. the biscotti dessert was pretty dry as a whole though. what do you expect from consuming too many biscuits at once ?

ratings: 2.8/5★

tomato beef noodle soup & sesame dry noodle – CAN$7-8

i brought arya to 一心面典 once as i was craving for their tomato noodle soup. i really enjoyed the tomato noodle soup they have there. the noodles are better than tea team and the soup is not as diluted. i cannot really rate their beefs because i only go to these restaurants for their noodles, not meat. yes, i’m insane like that !

arya, on the other hand, just found the noodles average. i prefer his sesame noodles over my tomato beef noodles though.

ratings for tomato beef noodle soup: 3/5★

ratings for sesame dry noodles: 3.5/5★

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 5.5/10 (too little place to sit but this also portrays exclusiveness)
service: 10/10 (giving full credit to the waiter who is ever so patient)
food (taste & appearance): 6.72/10 (desserts – french/italian/western, savory – taiwanese sums up to ” east meets west “)
value: 6.5/10 (price is average, same goes for portion)

total: 7.18/10★

in conclusion, this restaurant is for keeps !

Accord Food House on Urbanspoon

i’ll be back to update this entry with more noodles entry by tomorrow or the weekends, till then !



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