#488 Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles @ Bussorah Street, Singapore

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Han, Wai Ming and I have not reunited for a long time, thus we were thinking to meet up for coffee a day before new year eve. Han did some research and gave us a list of cute places to check out, take a break and take photos with. Out of the five options she gave, Lickety caught my attention!

34 Bussorah St,
Singapore 199452
6291 7670

Han and I met at Bugis station so that we could walk over to Lickety together. It was drizzling at that time and we were sharing one umbrella together. Thankfully, we managed to reach Lickety without getting drenched although google map was not helpful as we thought that Bussorah Street is the street after and had to walk back once again. We were surprised to see how crowded and small Lickety is so we decided to wait outside for about 10-15 minutes before we managed to get a table at the corner of the cafe. There are only 2 small tables inside the cafe and 4-5 small tables outside the cafe so a lot of people were eating and standing at the same time. A lot of customers were looking at us because Han and I just purchased 1 mixed red velvet and original egg waffle filled with 3 scoops of ice-cream (earl grey and fig, taro yam and coconut and mint) and topped with colorful toppings and marshmallows as taken in the 8th picture. However, we kept hogging onto the table because we were taking photo at the corner of the cafe with the logo name as depicted in the 7th picture.

When Wai Ming has yet to arrive but we have already finish our dessert, we continued putting our bags on the table in order to reserve the place and went out quickly to snap some shots with the pastel colored entrance. While Han was taking some pictures for me, I saw Wai Ming and burst out laughing! We went back in and order another set, which consists of red velvet egg waffle filled with taro yam, speculoos and earl grey and fig ice-cream topped with fruit loops and caramelized nuts as seen in the 8th picture. Since there were no customers sitting at the entrance seats, we went out to snap more pictures while waiting for our dessert to be prepared as shown in the 9th picture. The good thing about Lickety is that the server will look for you to serve you your ice cream even if you are outside or inside the cafe though they are very short of staffs. The staffs also did not chase us out when we were waiting for Wai Ming after we have finish our desserts.

Initially, Han found the dessert delicious but towards the end of it, she felt that it was too sweet. Wai Ming was very impressed with the cuteness of the cafe and taste of the dessert that she highly recommends this place over another ice-cream shop nearby. I was so addicted to it as I shared one set with Han and another set with Wai Ming. Guess what happened next? I brought my boyfriend to try this the following week and he loves it! We tried red velvet egg waffle filled with passionfruit raspberry sorbet, mango sorbet and speculoos ice-cream topped with colorful cornflakes and Oppa’s favourite pocky. Oppa is usually a sorbet person, while I am always going for gelato and ice-cream. This is a refreshing change though! Please note that our dessert set comprising of egg waffle filled with 3 scoops of ice-cream and topped with two toppings cost SGD$13.90 (USD$10.53 / CAD$13.17), which is quite filling and good for 2-3 people to share!

Opens daily from 11:00am to 10:00pm
Nearest Station: Bugis via Downtown and East West Line (Blue & Green Line Respectively)

There are plenty of ice-cream stores around the Masjid and most of them are HALAL Certified since there are  many delicious Turkish and Malay eateries around the area but I did not imagine finding this hole in the wall ice-cream store if not for Han!


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[HOTEL] Hound Hotel @ Gwang-an, Busan

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Since Busan is a city filled with beautiful scenic beaches, Vivian and I actually booked an AIRBNB with a view of the sunrise at Busan but two days prior to our trip from Seoul to Busan, the AIRBNB host unexpectedly cancelled on us. We were so pissed but there was no choice except to book a hotel. Although Hound Hotel Gwang-an was a last minute choice, it is one of the most decent hotels around. Keep reading on to find out why…

Hound Hotel Gwang-an
12, Namcheonbada-ro 33beon-gil,
Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea
+82 51-755-0072

Vivian and I took the noon train from Seoul to Busan and we arrived at Busan at about 1:23pm. The check-in time for Hound Hotel is 3pm but by the time we took train from Busan station to Geunmnyeonsan station and walked to Hound hotel, we arrived about 2ish pm. So, we had to wait at the comfortable lounge area as depicted in the second and third pictures. While waiting at the hotel lobby, I went to ask the receptionist gazillion questions about the food and places Busan has to offer and the concierge responded patiently. When we were finally able to check in, we saw how nicely and uniquely decorated the lift lobby and the corridors of each level were as seen in the forth and fifth pictures respectively.

The bedroom is very spacious and the bathroom provides a comfortable and luxurious vibe. As shown in the second picture, this hotel offers a bidet-style toilet, whereby you can press the button to flush and clean the toilet bowl and such. If you take a look at the last picture very closely, it also has an open closet concept.

The Gwangalli Beach is very accessible to Hound Hotel as it is less than 100 meters away. We saw the day and night version of the Gwangandaegyo Bridge and both versions portray their own beauty. Since it was a cold, windy spring last April, we were literally freezing away during the day and even more so at night.  

When Vivian and I came back to the hotel after our long trip to Wave On Coffee at night, I was shocked to receive the diffuser and letter shown in the above picture from another concierge. He mentioned that the other concierge whom I was asking a lot of questions earlier that afternoon apologized for not being able to answer most of my questions properly. Actually, during our discussion prior to our check in that afternoon, I was checking with him on the distance between the food hunts we want to check out and our hotel and his response is usually “The taste of that particular food would be the same if you head to the restaurants nearby that serve those food.” I did not find that rude at all and the answers are very acceptable since he considered the lack of time we have at Busan so you should totally see both Vivian and my face when we received this apology gift from the hotel. Impeccable service for everyone to applaud!

Since the hotel also had a roof deck to catch the sunrise, Vivian and I woke up at 6+am the next day, brushed our teeth and went straight to the roof deck in our pajamas and hoodie to snap lots of pictures of the mesmerizing sunrise. How convenient for us, really! Guess what happened after we took pictures of the sunrise? We went back to our room and fell asleep once again!

NEAREST STATION: Geunmnyeonsan Station via Busan Metro Line 2
Paid $81.70 for one night stay via Hotel.com

We love how the cancellation of our AIRBNB is a blessing in disguise as we managed to stay in a hotel that has great service, is close to the train station, located next to the beach and able to watch the sunrise at such convenience.



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