#381 Jasmine @ Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

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Jasmine Bellagio Hotel

On the second night of my first trip to Las Vegas last year, my aunt and uncle brought me to Jasmine for dinner before I went to watch David Copperfield’s magic show at MGM.

Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109 United States
The Strip
+1 702-693-8166

Jasmine Bellagio Hotel
Jasmine Bellagio Hotel
Jasmine Bellagio Hotel
Jasmine Bellagio Hotel
Jasmine Bellagio Hotel

What I love about this restaurant is how elegant the decor is! This, you cannot deny.

Jasmine Bellagio Hotel
Jasmine Bellagio Hotel

Secondly, you have a beautiful view of the fountains when you eat there at night.

Jasmine Bellagio Hotel Jasmine Bellagio Hotel Jasmine Bellagio Hotel Jasmine Bellagio Hotel

The food is not too bad as well but price is on the steeper side. Just a claypot of Braised Tofu comprising of mushrooms and baby bak choy as shown in the first picture easily cost you USD$22.88. We also had the Imperial Peking Duck, which comes in two courses that cost USD$79.88. The first course is basically crepes with cucumber julienne and scallion filled with Hoi Sin sauce. The second course is duck meat that is wok-tossed with jicama served in butter lettuce cups. My aunt also ordered vegetable, soup and fish so that we can have a variety of food.

OPENS DAILY 17:30-22:00
Jasmine on Urbanspoon

Although the food was just fine, the service, ambiance and view are on par with the price.


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CLEAN EATING #24 – Raw Asian Pantry (PART 2) @ Singapore

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Vegan Raw Nut Mylk

Continuing on from part 1 of my third Asian Raw Pantry class, this entry will be about everyone’s favorite nut mylk.

Vegan Raw Nut MylkVegan Raw Nut MylkVegan Raw Nut MylkVegan Raw Nut MylkVegan Raw Nut MylkVegan Raw Nut Mylk"Vegan

I realized that during a juice cleanse, what people love most is always looking forward to the last bottle of the day, which is none other than the nut mylk. This is because the nut mylk is sweetened with honey and thicken due to the fats from the nuts. Thus, it is very satisfying for the tummy and prevents you from being hungry prior to your sleep. Let’s take a look at Vivienne’s very own nut mylk recipe, shall we?

Vegan Raw Nut Mylk Vegan Raw Nut Mylk Vegan Raw Nut Mylk Vegan Raw Nut Mylk Vegan Raw Nut Mylk Vegan Raw Nut Mylk


  • 1 cup of nuts
  • 2 cups of plain/filtered water
  • 1 pinch of sea, celtic or pink salt
  • Sweeteners

This is quite a simple healthy beverage to make. I have made this before but it was just the plain almond milk for my overnight oats but Vivienne has added something magical in it. Firstly, you just take a cup of raw shelled nuts and soak it for at least 4 hours so that it will be clean and nutritious. Do throw away the bowl of nuts if it is cloudy after soaking overnight. It is best to soak it in a bowl of water and store it in the fridge. You can choose between cashew, almond, walnut and brazil. Almond is one of the better choices as it is the most alkaline and a good replacement for dairy products since the calcium is easily absorbed. The taste is neutral so it will be nice to add cashew along for this nut mylk. A pinch of salt is for preservation purpose and it also helps to bring out the flavour of the nut mylk. There is a variety of sweeteners such as honey, palm sugar, dates and honey that you can choose from.

So here’s how you should create this whimsical drink:

  • Blend water and the soaked nuts to a fine creamy white liquid.
  • Strain through a nut mylk bag into a container.
  • Set aside the pulp for other uses.
  • Season the beverage with salt.
  • Store it in the refrigerator but for freshness, drink within two days.

What Vivienne did was she also added avocado, gula melaka, Chinese dates and coconut palm syrup to sweeten the drink a little and add a tinge of local taste to it. Ice should also be added so as to stop the mylk from oxidizing. It is amazing how we can eat clean without separating our food from our cultural roots. I have more to learn from Vivienne so stay tuned for part 3 of my third Raw Asian Pantry!


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