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I just came back from East Java on Tuesday and had lots of fun conquering two volcanoes and one turtle conservation with my best friend and buddy! So, we decided to hire a driver to drive us to those three places from Surabaya and back within 4 days. As we have to come back to the airport at Surabaya after our adventures, the driver suggested us to make Kawah Ijen our first stop since it is 7 hours from the airport. Marvin arrived at Surabaya Airport from Jakarta and he arrived when we were departing from Singapore so imagine how long he waited. He met up with the driver when we finally arrived at 9:05am and were going through the immigration and baggage collection procedures. We met up with our driver, Pak Koko and he helped us with our luggages to the car. He also provided us with a box filled with AQUA bottled water and gave us each a bottle to start our long journey. Around 12-1pm, we stopped by for lunch at Rumah Makan Tengger.

Rumah Makan Tengger
Jalan Raya Pasuruan – Probolinggo KM.5 No.1A,
Sambirejo, Rejoso, Pasuruan,
Jawa Timur 67181, Indonesia
+62 343 422464

When we first walked into the restaurant, it was empty and we had doubts whether this was indeed a hygienic restaurant. Trust me, you would not want to have stomach upsets during your hike up the volcano! However, after we have ordered our food, lots of people came in to have lunch. I believe that this is one of the eateries that drivers usually send their passengers to for a stopover between Surabaya to either Bromo or Kawah Ijen.

Since Crystal is relatively new to the Indonesian culinary scene, we introduced her to Gurame Bakar (4th picture), which is grilled fish topped with Indonesian’s oh so famous sweet dark sauce called “Ketchup Manis”. Ayam Goreng (3rd picture) is definitely no stranger to many people since it is readily offered in many eateries in Singapore and is basically fried chicken. We also ordered Nasi Goreng Petai, Nasi Goreng Kepiting and Kang Kung to share and preferred the Nasi Goreng Petai over the Nasi Goreng Kepiting since the petai adds crunchiness to the nasi goreng. The food was not too salty and seems like everyone’s favourite dish was none other than the Gurame Bakar!

Beverages wise, it is always safe to go with Teh Tawar (tea without milk and sugar) if you do not like your beverages to be sweet. I ordered the Jus Kepala (Coconut Juice) initially because the waiter mentioned that it is fresh coconut juice but was surprised to see green syrup in my drink so I immediately stopped drinking after one sip and ordered Teh Tawar. Marvin went with his favourite, which is HOT Orange Juice! Yes, you are reading it right (HOT Orange Juice!) He mentioned that it is his favourite drink in Indonesia as it helps to keep him cool when experiencing the humid weather. During our second visit to the restaurant, he feedback to the server that it is too sweet though. Crystal ordered my favourite Jus Alpukat (Avocado Juice)! Although Jus Alpukat is always filled with LOTS of chocolate syrup and condensed milk, the taste of the avocado juice is always so refreshing but I only stole few sips of it! The total bill came up to Rupiah 295,000 ish so we decided to give Rupiah 300,000 altogether, which amounts to Rupiah 100,000 each (close to $10 per pax). I found it quite worth it as the food kept us food until we arrived at Catimor Homestay at 7-8pm and fell asleep without having dinner.

During our last day after our Mount Bromo trip, we stopped by at this restaurant once again since it was on the way from Cafe Lava Hostel to Surabaya Airport. The time from Cafe Lava Hostel to Rumah Makan Tengger is about 2.5 hours away and from the eatery to the airport is about 2.5 hours away excluding the traffic conditions of course! We had a huge feast once again since Marvin always eats a lot due to his exercising regime! In addition to our favourite Gurame Bakar (fifth picture) and Nasi Goreng Petai, we also ordered Nasi Campur (second picture),  Tahu Telur (third picture), Pepek Goreng (forth picture) and Petai on its own.

This time, the Nasi Goreng Petai dish was too salty and the beef in Nasi campur was too dry. I have tasted better Tahu Telur! as this dish was a little salty so perhaps it is not the eatery’s specialty. Marvin commented that maybe the chef is getting married as there is a saying that people who are getting married tend to put more salt to the dishes they cook. I found the Pepek Goreng quite crispy although it is quite dry and the Petai could have been cooked better since it is too dry as well! I guess Gurame Bakar still tops our list? This time, Crystal was influenced by Marvin and got the HOT Orange Juice as well! Again, they found it too sweet although they have informed the waiter to make it less sweet.

Opens daily from 6:00am to 8:30pm

Since we were in a semi backpack mode, this eatery is good enough as a nice stopover for lunch as we did not get any stomach upsets when we went there twice.


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