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Each time I head back to JB, I realised that there are a lot of new cafes popping up outside City Square area. Back in January prior to the Lunar New Year festivities, Oppa, Penni and I went to JB on a Sunday. We did not have to wait very long at both customs and there were no problems crossing the causeway from Singapore to JB at roughly 8-9am but heading back was a KILLER! Let’s not get there right now and focus on what today’s entry is all about – Our breakfast at this particular cafe called Faculty of Caffeine!

Faculty of Caffeine
106, Jalan Trus
Johor Bahru 80000
+60 16 720 0068

Some people really enjoy the manicure and massage services and food served at City Square or KSL but as for me, I would always love to head outside City Square to the heritage shophouses around Jalan Dhoby or Jalan Trus street to dine at the cafes located there.

So if you take a look at my pictures above and edited video below, this cafe is quite minimalist in the sense that their decorations are relatively simple with drawings of sea creatures hung on the walls of one side, tiles placed on some portion of the walls on the other side and light bulbs hung from the ceiling. The cafe is opened by the same person who also owns the highly raved cafe named as The Replacement Lodge, which I will be visiting this weekend together with Crystal and Penni.

Oppa ordered the Bacon & Egg Waffles, which comprises of toast and waffles topped with beef bacon and scrambled egg. Penni had the Fried Chicken Ramen, which composed of dried ramen, fried chicken, 63 degree sous vide egg, spicy minced chicken topped with seaweed and seasoned with spring onions, sweet leaf and Faculty Of Caffeine’s special sauce. I got myself the Signature Tendon Fried Chicken, which is a mix of tempura and 63 degree sous vide egg on a bowl of rice. Our dishes cost RM 16.90 (SGD$5.73),  RM 20.90 (SGD$7.09) and RM 22.90 (SGD$7.77) respectively. Oppa stated that his food is is decent but he prefers mine instead. I am not a fan of fried food so I gave quite a lot of my tempura to Oppa since Penni also has lots of fried ingredients in her dish too. I think that the 63 degree sous vide egg is Faculty of Caffeine’s shining star as it saved my dish from too dried from all that fried jazz!

We were quite disappointed with the beverages served at Faculty Of Caffeine though. The server mentioned that their most popular drink was the Grapefruit Soda and next would be the Blood Orange Soda, which cost RM 12 (SGD$4.07) each. Both Penni and Oppa could not take the taste of both sodas as they felt that the beverage tasted like toothpaste. I managed to get the RM 10 (SGD$3.39) Rose Milk, which is not fantastic because I had better beverages at Hong Kong that tasted and smelled like rose. However, as compared to the two sodas, we prefer the Rose Milk so everyone started drinking it.

If you have seen the picture of the receipt at the top, the total bill came up to RM 111.60 (SGD$37.83), which is quite value for money because this will be about SGD$50-70 for three dishes and three beverages when eaten in the cafes of Singapore. The food served is not the type of cafe food I would usually go for though.

Opens daily except for Tuesday from 9:00am to 5:30pm

Overall, this cafe is fine but will definitely try other cafes around the area instead of revisiting the same cafe again next time.


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