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it says that time heals all wounds. i would very much have to agree with that. of course, i haven’t forgotten my used to be other half because he really taught me lots of values and principles. but i have finally accepted that he left. oh well, i am glad that we are still good friends because what we had was so beautiful although …

enough of all the melancholy drama. we should eat to our hearts’ content since we are upset !

cherry fruit juice and icy bar
4500 Kingsway,
Burnaby, BC‎
(604) 779-2928‎

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cherry fruit juice and icy bar is located at crystal mall. it serves both hot and cold desserts. i have tried their sesame soup before and i really love it. i have also tried their red bean dessert and found it really rich and creamy due to their condensed milk and such.

4 toppings with shaved ice – CAN$4

the four toppings i picked are red bean, yam, rice balls and aloe vera. i found the yam too hard and not as fresh as it should be. i immediately took all the yams out of the desserts and avoided eating it. the rice ball and shaved ice are pretty hard as well. frappe bliss can definitely do better !

ambiance: nil (food court area)
service: 5/10 (self service)
food (taste & appearance): 4.5/10 (looks ordinary but taste blah)
value: 5.5/10 (cheap but low in quality)

total: 5/10★

in conclusion, i’ll only be back for hot desserts and other desserts as their shaved ice desserts are such a failure !
Cherry Fruit Juice & Icy Bar (Crystal Mall) on Urbanspoon

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chicco coffee and dessert bar / chicco dall oriente
1504 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 633-1286

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i have been wanting to go to chicco since forever. my friend uploaded pictures of their parfaits but didn’t state the name of the shop. she only gave a clue that it’s located along robson street so i was happy that i passed by it when i was with inez. the place is pretty unorganized. one area could be openly storing something while another area has small teapot demos. pretty funky, don’t you think so?


in chronological order, the above pictures are as follows:

1) black sesame parfait
2) anmitsu parfait
3) soft cheesecake parfait

inez and my other friend tried the black sesame and soft cheesecake parfait respectively but i didn’t get a taste of it.

as for the anmitsu parfait, it is very cooling for hot summer days. the top if filled with rice balls, red beans, a scoop of green tea ice cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. the bottom is filled with soft sponge bread with syrup and cream. even though it seems very fattening, it does not deter me from eating it even on cold winter days. the parfait is pretty expensive though. it is about CAN$7-8 per parfait.

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 6.5/10 (messy on certain areas but funky on other areas)
service: 5/10 (self service)
food (taste & appearance): 7/10 (looks awesome but didn’t look the bottom layer)
value: 6.5/10 (pretty expensive)

total: 6.25/10★

in conclusion, i’ll be back for their cakes !
Chicco on Urbanspoon

+ + + +

frappe bliss
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 288-1002

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frappe bliss is located at the food court of aberdeen center. the pictures illustrating the desserts look so appealing so arya and i got one each as we were too tired from boxing day last year.

oreo chocolate sauce – CAN$3.50

chocolate earthquake is made with oreo and chocolate sauce in shaved ice. i really like how soft the ice of frappe bliss is. it taste almost like ice cream. this dessert taste like mocha shaved ice though. i guess the chocolate and oreo were too strong. arya didn’t like it as much as my matcha delights though. it is a little bland as compared to other flavors as there are only 2 ingredients in it.

ratings: 2.8/5★

matcha delight – CAN$5

this is the one i ordered, which has more ingredients such as rice balls, a scoop of matcha ice cream and red beans. all of the ingredients blends with the soft shaved ice pretty well. no matter the weather and how far the distance to frappe bliss, i will never fail to get there and buy the shaved ice there. it is by far, the best shaved ice dessert in vancouver.

ratings: 4/5★

formosa treasures – CAN$5

arya and i came back for more frappe bliss desserts sometime early this year. we decided to order just one this time since we were already full from consuming other food. it is filled with black glutanious rice balls, fresh taro, red bean and rice balls.  this is exactly like the one i had in cherry fruit juice and icy bar but it taste SO MUCH BETTER and FRESHER.

ratings: 3.5/5★


strawberry romance – CAN$4.50

it was a warm day during the summer so i decided to get strawberry romance with vanilla shaved ice. it gives off a very saccharine taste but the vanilla shaved ice is too milky for my liking. even though there are only two flavors for this dessert, it is way better than the chocolate earthquake i previously ordered. since i was literally perspiring, i ate the shaved ice too quickly that i almost had a brain freeze. recommended for strawberry lovers !

ratings: 3/5★

fruity tropical – CAN$5.95

fae, mike and i were very full from our lunch at ajisen but we decided to get desserts anyhow ! that day was really dry and warm so fruity tropical was the right choice to have !! we had banana shaved ice and grass jellies topped with fresh strawberries, kiwi and lychees. the dessert were absolutely refreshing to all of us.

ratings: 4.5/5★ [/EDITED]

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: nil (food court)
service: 5/10 (self service)
food (taste & appearance): 7.12/10 (HANDS DOWN, BEST.SHAVED.ICE.EVER)
value: 7.5/10 (VALUE FOR MONEY !)

total: 6.54/10★

in conclusion, i’ll be coming back to try other flavors of their desserts such as strawberry romance and thai sensation !
Frappe Bliss (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon

i will be back for more food adventures soon so stay tuned folks !


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