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december is a month of celebrations. first, it was edwin’s farewell party. then, i decided that since i didn’t get edwin a birthday cake, i should give him a birthday treat or something. we wanted to go to the de dutch on his actual birthday (9th dec) but i overslept and the de dutch only opens for breakfast and brunch so we went a day later on a friday (10th dec).

de dutch
4003 Knight Street,
Vancouver, BC V5N 3L9
(604) 876-8221 

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i almost missed alighting at the bus stop opposite de dutch until edwin shouted outside the bus stop and told me to get off. how clumsy of me, really. there are plenty of parking spaces outside de dutch and it is also very accessible to many buses such as 22. the place looks very much like a family restaurant and two clocks were hanged – one for the time of amsterdam and the other is for vancouver.  the server gave us aplenty time to choose our meals and is very comical.

savory pannekoek

hash – CAN$12

hash comprised of hash browns (as stated in it’s name), mushrooms, green peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and sausage topped with hollandaise sauce. i think i’ve ordered the wrong choice of food as i should have something else with moisture to compliment it with the dutch pancakes. the hash browns is already very dry so i didn’t finish the entire meal as i feel very dehydrated while consuming it. it is not bad though. the cheese literally melts in your mouth.

rating: 2.8/5★

the windmill – CAN$16

the windmill consist of shaved wild smoked salmon, imported edam cheese and hollandaise sauce. edwin was smart enough to order this decent dish but he found it too thin. the salmon was rather fresh and the cheese made the pancake taste heavenly !

mixed fruit and whipped cream – CAN$12

i decided to order a sweet pannekoek since i always want desserts after my meals. the whipped cream and fruits pannekoek was the perfect combination of the ones we have ordered since there is a level of moisture there. this is the reason why i always love my pancakes, waffles and crepe with something sweet and moist due to the dryness of the dough.

ratings: 3.5/5★

the bill …

the bill came up to a total of CAN$54.32 but i gave about 15% tips so i paid a total of CAN$62.47 !


ambiance: 6.5/10
service: 7/10
food (taste & appearance): 6.3/10
value: 6/10

total: 6.45/10★

in conclusion, i’m coming back to try out more of their sweet pannekoe.
De Dutch Pannekoek House (Knight) on Urbanspoon

+ + + +

after the birthday brunch with edwin, i was thinking of getting the diploma cake for paul from the highly raved notte’s bon tom. it is all the way in kitsilano and it is very accessible by bus #17 or #9.

notte’s bon tom tea room
3150 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC V6K 2H2
(604) 681-3058

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i made an order before heading over to the store and boy was the person on the other line RUDE ! i read a review elsewhere that the servers there are rude but gave the bakery the benefit of doubt. service aside, the store was filled with smell of nuts and such aroma made me crave for yummy cake more and more.


4″ DIPLOMAT – CAN$19.80


i was thinking of getting kenny another cake since we were having dinner with him so i decided to get the small diplomat cake from bon ton, which was 2 seconds away from sanpachi ramen. he was really surprised when the servers came singing happy birthday for him. even though i had it before, i couldn’t have enough of it. it is just like how i remembered – flaky, light, simple and delicious ! iva couldn’t finish her slice because it is too sweet for her liking so i ended up finishing her slice for her. what a great friend i am, indeed ! kenny loves the cake too.


8″ birthday cake diplomat – CAN$31.90

(only this photo is taken by jesselyn essie saefudin)

i left the cake at essie’s place and we were planning to surprise paul after church the next day but i slept all the way till the evening. yada yada, i know my biological clock is dysfunctional. so i didn’t get to try paul’s birthday cake but i did try the diplomat cake before. my sister’s boyfriend had the same cake for his birthday and sam brought it home for my brother and i to eat.

i really love how crispy the edge is and how it is filled with nuts and such. i love the layers in between too. it’s really different from diploma cakes from places like true confections.

ratings: 4/5★

from the brother: my brother isn’t a fan of sweet food (exception: strawberries) but he found the cake really yummy and he kept craving for more.

from fae: she didn’t like the cake as it is too sweet for her liking !

from the other people from VCB: some told me they really like the cake but i’m not sure about that.


ambiance: 10/10
service: 4/10
food (taste & appearance): 8/10
value: 8/10

total: 7.5/10★

in conclusion, i’m gonna try out their tea room despite their bad service.
Notte's Bon Ton Pastry & Confectionary on Urbanspoon


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