This page is dedicated for my travel, food and dedication videos.

A. Travels:

3. May 2018: Kawah Ijen @ East Java, Indonesia

2. February 2018: Taj Mahal @ Agra, India

1. February 2018: Volunteer at Saksham @ Jaipur, India

B. Food:
5. January 2018: Brunch @ Faculty Of Caffeine, Johor Bahru

4. October 2017: Ice Cream @ Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco

3. October 2017: Mr Holmes Bakehouse @ San Francisco, United States

2. September 2017: Crossing The Bridge Noodles / 过桥米线 @ 大连周记米线, Dalian

1. September 2017: Hoe Bibim Naengmyeon / 회비빔냉면 @ Ojang-dong Heungnamjip / 오장동흥남집, Seoul

C. Dedications:
1. August 2017: Elynn’s Farewell

2. June 2017: Sui Qian’s Farewell



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