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Út Vân photo UT VAN5_zpscm6u4r5a.jpg

On my first morning at Dalat City, Ha rented a motorbike from the hotel and brought me to the attractions around town. We were so hungry so we decided to have breakfast at around 7+am. She wanted to bring me to a place famous for bun bo hue but since it was close, she brought me to Út Vân.

Út Vân
36A Ấp Sáng
0918 785 625

Út Vân photo UT VAN4_zpsfsxwuxax.jpg
Út Vân photo UT VAN2_zpsid5wfvcw.jpg
Út Vân photo UT VAN3_zpsdpslujib.jpg
Út Vân photo UT VAN5_zpscm6u4r5a.jpg
Út Vân photo UT VAN_zpsapv6osnr.jpg
Út Vân photo UT VAN6_zpso3twr3es.jpg

This stall by the road side offers a variety of meals such as bun bo hue, mi quang and bun rieu gio but since I have not had my dosage of bun bo hue yet, I decided to order bun bo hue. In my previous entry, I have mentioned the difference between bun bo hue and pho and in all honesty, I prefer bun bo hue a lot more! Furthermore, a bowl of bun bo hue with a tinge of spicy flavouring is perfect for the cooling weather in the morning. We really enjoyed this delicious dish. Knowing that I am a foreigner, the person who served us the food was so friendly and patient to take a couple of pictures for us.


Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 9.5/10
Food (taste & appearance): 7.5/10
Value: Nil (Ha treated me to this)

Total: 7.67/10★

Just writing about this dish keeps me craving for bun bo hue and I am thankful for Ha for fulfilling my cravings at Dalat City!



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