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finally, it’s the long weekend !! happy easter one & all !! so much has happened since our last updates – moments of anxiety for meeting deadlines, moments of shockness due to my cousin’s injury, moments of frustrations with certain people and moments of adaption for my new work display. so what do you do when you’re undergoing mixed emotions for a week ? you consume gelato/icecream !! as they say, “ a scoop of ice cream per day keeps the doctor away “.

GI gelato & coffee house

105-1535 Johnston Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9 - (604) 682-7865

while roaming granville island one day, i came across this place and i would have to say the gelato served there is pretty good. the couch is also very comfortable and the atmosphere is very pleasant. the gelato’s pretty standard and there are a variety of flavors to choose from. the best thing about this place is the fact that the gelato is homemade. also, the place serves coffee, soups and panini other than gelato.

i’ll rate it 4/5

GI Gelato & Coffee House on Urbanspoon

mondo gelato

1) 1222 Robson Street, BC V6E 1C1 – 604-694-0108

2) 1094 Denman Street, BC V6G 2M8

oh, the well known gelato cake everyone’s been raving about – yummy, worthy for money, variations, etc. the gelato itself is mouth-watering so definitely people buy their gelato cakes for their friends’ birthdays. that’s something not to miss out ! it is pretty cheap - $3+ for 1 scoop & 1 scoop is equivalent to 2 scoops w different flavors.

LOVE mondo gelato for all the sugar, spice & everything nice comments i’ve mentioned above.

HATE mondo gelato for the lack of seating areas.

therefore, i’ll rate it 4/5

Mondo Gelato (Robson) on Urbanspoon

diary queen

there are plenty of dairy queen locations in vancouver but the ones i go to are at metrotown and at

5907 fraser st. BC V5W 2Z6  – 604-324-0248

the cookies & cream earthquake shake i got was really filling & up to expectations. it definitely lives up to its reputation so i can’t say much about it, can it ? oh, one exception is the customer service at fraser street is pretty bad so i’m rating it 3/5

Dairy Queen on Urbanspoon

350 S.E. Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S5

- 604-322-3702

got this oreo ice-cream cake from my sister 3 years back. it tasted fine, considering the fact that it is from superstore. the price is really cheap for an ice-cream cake so if you’re really on budget, just buy an ice-cream cake from there. the cake is really creamy though.
i’ll rate it 2/5


1) 1150 Douglas St., Suite 200B Victoria, BC V8W 3M9 – 250-385-7522

2) 103, 1184 Denman Street, BC V6G 2M9 – 604-682-4998

there are many of these stores located across canada and the states but i’ve only been to the one in victoria and vancouver before. i prefer the ice-cream + fillings on a waffle bowl over the cone. mixins (not ordinary toppings) are needed to experience a unique blend. definitely unique & for that, i’ll rate it 3.5/5

Marble Slab Creamery on Urbanspoon


amato gelato

78 East 1st Avenue, BC V5T 1A1 – (604) 879-9011

my friend brought me to this gelato store on my birthday last year. would have to say the standard is the same as mondo gelato, except that it’s way more pricey – CAN$5+ for 1 scoop ? -.- what for waste my time coming here when i can get the same for cheaper price ?

thus, i’ll rate it 3/5

Amato Gelato Cafe on Urbanspoon

located across canada so it’s of no biggie to actually drive to get the ice-cream. the dark chocolate/white chocolate bars w or w/o nuts (left picture) are purdy’s specialized ice-cream. it’s awesome but a little expensive in my opinion.
as for their other ice-cream in cones, the flavors are limited but the bubblegum flavor seems to be an exotic one !!
therefore, i’ll rate it 3/5for their specialization.
Purdy's Chocolates on Urbanspoon
1033 Venables Street, BC V6A 3R9 – (604) 251-3211

i was so excited to hear about the many different flavors such as wasabi, curry, etc at this place. however, i was disappointed when i first ate the ice-cream. yes, they do have quantity of different flavors but definitely not quality. i’ll definitely choose quality over quantity anytime so i’ll rate it  2/5

La Casa Gelato on Urbanspoon

+ + + + +
changi airport, terminal 2
viewing mall north departure hall, level 3
unit no. 036-087-01, singapore 819643
there are 5 store locations for breeks cafe but i’ve only been to the one located at the airport. it’s open 24/7 so people who lives nearby and wanna have supper can have their
meals there.
the ice-cream made is called towering cioccolato. definitely an awesome dessert w an equally unique name. the best thing abt the ice cream dessert is the massive amount of ice-cream, filled to the brim. everyone go nomnomnom* right now !
therefore, i’ll rate it 4/5
520 East Coast Road Singapore 458965 - +656446 6355
this is the singaporean version of marble slab but the sad thing is, it doesn’t have waffle bowls on it and cones already filled with toppings. the good thing about this place is we can have the ice-cream chef to go. the place is also decorated w photos of people having ice-cream w mixins there. definitely an experience going there !!
hence, i’ll rate it 3/5


there are so many outlets of swensens all across singapore, china, brunei and malaysia but of course, the only swensens outlet i go to is at singapore.
swensens specialized in ice-cream cakes so the birthday cake i got from my dad 2 years ago at your left is truly divine !! don’t miss it !!
i’ll rate it 4.5/5
907 East Coast Road#01-05, Singapore, 459107
this is such a high end ice-cream store located across america, singapore and other countries. however, i only had them in singapore and i went to the siglap outlet more regularly than the rest of the ice cream places. usually, i would love eating ice-cream as a well-decorated dessert like the first pic but hate using ice-cream cups. well, what can i say for haagan dazs ? either both types of ice cream presentation left us feeling delightful.

thus, i’ll rate it 5/5

Haagen-Dazs on Urbanspoon

i’m so sleepy with the lengthy update !! will be back asap if possible. till then !



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