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isn’t it cool when your birthday falls on a public holiday ? some people do not like it though. anyways, audrey baby & inez dear‘s birthdays fall on the 4th & 5th of april respectively. so i would like to give a shoutout to both of them !!! turning a year older ain’t easy right ? when we were young, we wanna grow up so quickly to gain freedom from our parents. now that we are older, we want time to stop so as to be free from troubles and whatsoever ^^

so what do we usually get during birthdays ? birthday cakessss !!! so today’s topic will be on pavlovas.

sweet e’s
2032 West 41st Avenue BC V6M 1Y8 – (604) 264-9202

4″ for CAN$8
6″ for CAN$16
for CAN$25
for CAN$35
12″ for CAN$45

monica introduced this place to me when we were roaming along kerrisdale & i must say, the cakes there are IMPRESSIVE ! i was ordering this pavlova for my friend’s birthday and it is indeed ORGASMIC !

also, the fruits are very fresh and there are numerous fruits on this pavlova as compared to pavlovas on other bakeries. since their fruits are fresh, they only sell pavlova in the summer or maybe until the end of september.

hands down, the BEST pavlova i’ve ever tasted, THUMBS UP*

therefore, i’ll rate it 5/5

seriously perfect in my eyes*


UPDATE ON 19th JULY 2010

a unique chocolate pavlova only made in sweet e’s. it is also only offered in the summer. it cost CAN$9 for a 4″ cake. i bought it last friday for the people at VCB. although, it was melting a little due to the sun, it still taste so good. the delicate brown edges of the pavlova never fails to make me crave for more. the pavlova was topped with round chocolates and coco powder.

according to wikipedia, pavlova is similar to meringue with a crispy crust and soft, light inner. imagine this with tonnes of chocolate for a pavlova addict and a chocoholic like myself !! i wouldn’t mind getting a 4″ once again but this time, i would consume the entire cake myself within minutes !

rating it 5/5

sweet e’s offers only the BEST ! i would have to also compliment their services as they are very patient to wait for me to snap shots of the food before sealing my orders up. they will always do their best if any customization is needed or reject your order if they know they are unable to do it on time. however, i would like to give critique for randomly shutting their doors because their working hours are only so little – WED to SUN. i went there twice only to find the shop close due to various reasons. this is the only element they should brush up on.


Sweet E's Pastries and Sweets on Urbanspoon

+ + + +

sweet carrie’s dessert shop

123 Carrie Cates Court North Vancouver, BC V7M 3K7 - (604) 987-7843

one slice (2nd pic on your right) for CAN$3.50
8″ (1st pic on your right) for $19

i used to stay in north vancouver for over 7 months and have been to lonsdale quay market plenty of times but never did i know that this shop was selling pavlova until arya brought me there last summer. it’s his favorite dessert of all times. also, it’s an alternative for me if sweet e’s was not selling their pavlovas during the fall & winter. there are also pavlova rolls and such like what sweet williams @ city square sells ! the cake taste heavenly so head there, RIGHT NOW !

i’ll rate it 4.5/5only because of the lack of fruits.

Sweet Carrie’s Dessert Shop on Urbanspoon

+ + + +



it was angel and ricky’s birthdays so we decided to get them a 6″ pavlova cake for CAN$21.95. the last time i had pavlova, it was in march so i was craving so much for it !! i was salivating when i saw the cake and again, pavlova never fails to taste so orgasmic !


i was collecting my package from purolator last wednesday and since it is at city square, i decided to get 3 slices of pavlova from sweet williams. one for myself, one for mike and one for jason ! the pavlova tasted so good that i felt like having more but there were no more individual pavlovas left in the store as it was already 5pm. the owner was really nice to tell me that one pavlova was stored since the day before so he gave me a fresh one he just made. i was very surprise that he can be so honest with me. the rating of the individual palova is 4.5/5★. it tastes way better than the huge pavlova birthday cake i bought for ko yong (description below)


sweet williams
555 12th Avenue East,
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-2659‎

i got to know about sweet williams when i was browsing through chowstime for their cakes & desserts category. it was located in the food court area of city square. i think that the owner is either japanese or korean. the lady was very patient with my enquiries for the sizing of the pavlova cake and the shape & such. the cake could also be made within a few hours. i remember ordering a 8″ x 16″ pavlova cake for yongky at 1 to 2pm and the cake could be collected by 4pm. this shows the efficiency of the owners themselves.

round pavlova: S – CAN$21.95, L – CAN$29.95
pavlova roll: CAN$19.95
individual pavlova slices: CAN$3.33
rectangular pavlova: 8 by 16″ – CAN$45 (yada, yada)

when i saw the adorable different cakes in the store, i was AMAZED because places like sweet e’s and saint germain bakery DOES NOT have these varieties of pavlova shapes. sweet williams had pavlova roll, pavlova slices, round pavlova & rectangular pavlova. honestly, HOW AWESOME IS THAT ?!

i was a little disappointed when i went to collect yongky’s cake though because it doesn’t have the yummy brown edges of the pavlova at the side of the huge rectangular cake. it looks like a huge T&T cake unfortunately. i was so pissed with myself. but i was slightly happy when the inner fillings have pavlova (egg white) taste in it. it is not as good and sweet as both sweet e’s and sweet carrie dessert shop in my opinion !

therefore, i’ll only give it 2.8/5[/EDITED]

Sweet William's Dessert (City Square) on Urbanspoon

+ + + +

saint germain bakery
1) Unit 140, Oakridge Centre 650 West 41st Ave, B.C.
2) Unit 1428, Aberdeen Centre 4151 Hazelbridge Way Richmond, B.C.
3) 1144-4720 Kingsway Metropolis at Metrotown Burnaby, B.C.
4) Unit 104 – 1184, Denman Street Vancouver, BC
well, i wouldn’t say that this cake is exactly like the other pavlovas mentioned above but it kinda taste like it. dian got this for my birthday last year and it was not bad, considering that it isn’t a true blue pavlova.

how unfortunate that there are just too few fruits on the cake though. another sad truth about this cake is i do not see the ” pavlova look a like ” cake in stores very often so maybe it is only offered during certain occasions.

i would have to say i’ll give it 3/5
Saint Germain Bakery (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

i’ll be back to update other kinds of cakes in no time, just YOU wait ^^


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