#9 huge cake toast to friendships ! [EDITED]

have you ever felt so helpless when something bad happens ? well, the past few days have made me feel rather shocked as many of my friends are undergoing some problems and i do feel sad for them. but of course, it always leaves me speechless as i can’t do much to help them but console. i’m happy that i can defer some people from thinking about their problems for awhile though. i know that good things does not last long but as long as i can cheer up my good friends, i’ll feel pretty contented.

so to friendship, let’s have a hugeeeee cake – (wedding and 3D cakes) toast !

ganache patisserie
1262 Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5
(604) 899-1098

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it was my virgin try having the chocolat-banane cake from ganache patisserie during the easter weekend and i must say it’s really awesome ! the bottom layer is really crispy and the chocolate actually melts in your mouth. if you order in advance, the bakers will do extra decorations for you. chocolat-banane left me wanting more. the settings of the store is also beautifully decorated with their signature towering multiple layered cakes and macaroons. i have yet to try their wedding cakes but i bet it will be so much better than goldilocks. certainly can’t wait !


[edited]Blanc Fraisier
” vanilla cake, vanilla sablé Breton, white chocolate black pepper mousseline, strawberries, passionfruit meringue “

the strawberry spread was not evenly distributed as you can see from the pictures but the method of spreading the strawberries is pretty unique. not too sweet and definitely just the right vanilla feel. it tasted a little like strawberry cheesecake but it wasn’t cheesy at all. i guess it was the passionfruit meringue that helped made the right surface and give it a smooth feel. my only concern is the limitations of the decoration of the cake. as you can see, the chocolat-banane is decorated in the same way as the blanc fraisier. other than that factor, i haven’t change my opinion of ganache. [/edited]


[edited] Concorde Praliné
” hazelnut cocoa meringue, chocolate guimauve, dark chocolate praline mousse, chocolate chantilly “

i made an order for a 12″ cake two days before i collected it and boy, i was suprised how big it was ! it could serve 20 to 25 people but we had more than enough that josh’s parents gave many away and even had enough to bring home. the cake was a tad too sweet. sarah and i was so thirsty after consuming the cake but i still love ganache’s signature waffle like taste at the bottom of the cake.

i would have to rate the cakes that i have tried in the following order:

Chocolat-Banane > Concorde Praliné > Blanc Fraisier

edwin also stated that he prefer concorde praline to blanc fraisier because of it’s saccharine taste.

Crème brûlée

the inner layer of the creme brulee was fine but part of the top layer was a little burnt so part of the top, hard layer was too bitter for jenny to tolerate. she kept wanting to puke upon eating that layer. irma and i enjoyed the delicate and smooth inner fillings though. it was above average but could have been better if the top layer was not partially burnt.

ambiance: 8/10 (deduction for the lack of space to sit)
10/10 (recommended me to order in advance so as to decorate the cake for me + was very easygoing with my never-ending enquiries and me taking photos of the entire place)
food (taste & appearance) :
9.5/10 (just wish it’s a little more)
8.5/10 (6″ – $28.00 ; 8″ – $38.00 ; wedding cakes – depends on designs)

total: 9/10★

Ganache Patisserie on Urbanspoon

1606 West Broadway, Vancouver – (604) 736-7744 2) 2833 Main Street, Vancouver
(604) 876-2464

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i always passed by main and broadway and got so attracted to goldilocks’ multiple layers wedding cake but fail to enter the place. i never expected myself to get a two-tiered cake but since it was my sister’s huge 21st birthday, i put in my all to get her a decent two-tiered cake. i would have to say the place is pretty cool as it serves both meals and cakes. the cake was quite cheap due to my boyfriend’s bargaining - CAN$125 without tax and delivery. delivery costs me another CAN$25. i was very well served during the both times i went there. the server was very patient with my many enquiries and i was stunned when they agreed to my boyfriend’s bargain.

however, when i tasted the cake, it was so ordinary since the flavor is mocha and it does not have fondant icing. looks can be so deceiving huh ? i don’t think i’ll be one of goldilocks’ returning customers.

ambiance: 7/10
food (taste & appearance): 4/10 (of course the points was for the appearance, not the taste)
value: 9/10

total: 7.5/10★

[edited] EDITED ON MAY 16TH:

i reckon that since this section is about goldilocks. i shall give a second opinion about it. audrey wanted to go to goldilocks so badly so i brought her mum & her there to have filipino delights. no doubt, i said i never wanna try their cakes anymore but i’m willing to give stores second chances since there were a few sources of errors in my previous visit.

the ambiance is of course the same as my previous visit – love the towering three-tiered cakes & decorations of each cake section – 7/10 ★

rainbow gelatin

the top tasted like assorted fruity jelly. the bottom, on the other hand, tasted like sponge cake with whip cream. when ate together, it was ambrosial ! it might be the norm for filipinos but it is definitely extraordinary for me.

ratings: 3.5/5 ★

Native cake made from the Yucca plant (Kamoteng-Kahoy) and coconut milk, topped with macapuno (coconut strings) and cheese.

this is one of my favorite filipino delights ! although the description mentions that there is cheese, i couldn’t taste a single tinge of cheese. this is awesome for someone like me who hates cheesy desserts. i like how the cake is elastic  due to it’s yucca plant ingredient and the toppings of the coconut strings makes everything perfect.

ratings: 5/5 ★

egg pie

more creamy than egg-ie !! the egg pie was towards the bland side. there is no crust at the side. it tasted normal to me and so, i would say it’s only passable.

ratings: 2.5/5 ★

” Deep-fried banana fritter coated with caramel. “

it is just like the singaporean “ goreng pisang ” but there is caramel coating the surface. another of my favorite filipino desserts !! enough said.

ratings: 4/5 ★

my new verdict
food (taste & appearance): 6.8/10 (average cakes + filipino delights)
value: 9/10

total: 8.2/10★ [/edited]

Goldilocks on Urbanspoon

staurt’s bakery
650 W. 41st Ave Vancouver, BC V5Z2M9 – (604) 261-2511
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again, my favorite cake store since it opened at oakridge in 2008. the 3D handbag cake above is pretty cheap, only CAN$29.99 for 6″. furthermore, it has fondant icing, which is a bonus point. you can choose the flavor of the cake to be either white chocolate or chocolate itself. orders have to be made 72 hours in advance. even though the icing of the cake is a tad too sweet, the white chocolate inner fillings is so tasty. also, i would say this is certainly value for money !

ambiance: nil (it’s located at a food court)
food (taste & appearance): 7/10
value: 10/10

total: 7.33/10★

Stuart's Bakery on Urbanspoon

+ + + +

savory fare
164 East Coast Road (S)428870 Singapore 428870
6441 1333

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everyone in singapore sure does love having either a 3D key-shaped cake or a 2 or 3-tiered cake for their 21st birthday, don’t they ? i wanted a key-shaped cake for my 21st birthday & so, someone got it for me. again, a nice looking cake without any substance. it was way too creamy and rich. many people couldn’t finish it. even me !

i went to savory fare before just to check out the cakes available. i didn’t knew they had an online service at their website though. it’s pretty good, i would say.

ambiance: nil (just a plain bakery with nothing much)
8/10 (user friendly e-service & friendly staff)
food (taste & appearance) : 3/10 (more for the appearance, of course)
7/10 (2KG – S$80 / 3KG – S$120 / 4KG – S$160 / 5KG – S$200)

total: 6/10★

i wish i had tasted/received/ordered more 3D or two/three-tiered cakes but guess i’ll in the near future, TRUST ME on that ! anyways, two more finals to go & i’ll be going for many …


till then, i’ll blog about my dineout sessions ^^



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