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oh my, it’s been awhile since i last updated. well, i was busy editing videos and spending the last of summer fruitfully at the end of august. spent the last 2 days of summer in portland and got into an ATV accident so couldn’t update since i have and still am recuperating from my injury. some things happen for a reason and through this accident, i am grateful that i’m alive by god’s grace & it showed me who are truly my friends and the true colors of everyone. didn’t really splurge much on food in portland given my condition but here are reviews for a few restaurants.

we only had our meals at fast food restaurants on the first day as we drove for about 7 hours from vancouver to windchester bay and during the ATV, i got into an accident. oh, what a bummer !

for the second day, we first shopped at tanger outlet since it was near our hotel. i was being pushed around in a WHEELCHAIR so i’m keeping in mind if the restaurants are HANDICAP FRIENDLY. since we haven’t had our lunch yet, we decided to head to the only restaurant in that complex, momiji sushi.

momiji express
1500 SE E Devils Lake Rd # 101,
Lincoln City, United States‎
(541) 996-8886

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as we entered momiji, the waitresses greeted us and made way for me as i was sitting on the wheelchair. even though the restaurant itself doesn’t provide wheelchair, it is in a complex (tangers outlet) that provide it. the spaces between the tables may be small but the waitresses certainly make it handicap friendly. the restaurant has oriental decorations, which made up for it’s chinese/japanese name. the waiter got my order wrong once though. i asked for chicken udon when they served me tempura udon.

even though there were two menus – chinese & japanese menus, all of us only had japanese cuisines. the chicken udon i got cost me US$7.25. the chicken is soft but i dread eating it. it did not taste good. the rest of my friends ordered dons, tofu and sushis and none of them really like the food. it is not disappointing having non-authentic cuisine in the states but this restaurant seems like the only choice we had. oh boy, what a bummer !


my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 7/10 (except for the squeezy environment, everything else was fine)
service: 9/10 (thumbs up for the excellent service)
food (taste & appearance): 4.5/10 (below average japanese cuisine)
value: 6/10 (standard price)

total: 6.63/10★

in conclusion, only head to momiji if needed.
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see’s candies
9536 SW Washington Square Rd,
Tigard, United States‎
(503) 639-0301‎

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i was attracted to the store after taking a glance of it at washingston square. essie and i both got toffee and cafe hazelnut truffle. 5 chocolates cost us a total of US$3.16. we got about 2 samples of molasses each. the molasses is crispy and taste way better than our ordinary kitkat. unfortunately, i did not manage to taste the other chocolates as i misplaced it in someone else’s bag. so i would like to try eye candies once more before giving it a more detailed review of the place.

See's Candies on Urbanspoon

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cheesecake factory
9309 sw washington square rd,
Tigard, United States‎
(503) 620-1100‎

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after shopping at washington square for a few hours, we were famished and so, we headed to my all-time favorite cheesecake factory. what’s new ? the interior is exactly the same as the one at seattle but there were only a small handful of customers. there is a long lineup at downtown seattle’s cheesecake factory. as for the outlet at washington square, we had seats for 7 people almost immediately. since cheesecake factory is located in washington square, wheelchair is easily accessible from the information center. the waiter was very engaging in making conversations with us. however, it was pretty difficult inquiring and giving him our orders because he is always out of sight.

there were 7 of us and we shared about 4 to 5 dishes since the portions of each is huge. i couldn’t remember all the dishes we had as i did not have much appetite after my accident and i was still in pain that day. all i remembered were miso salmon (which was the highlight) and spicy chicken chipotle pasta. the spicy chicken (US$15.95) consist of honey glazed chicken, asparagus, red and yellow peppers, peas, garlic and onion in a spicy chipotle paramesan cream sauce. due to my injury, i was not in the mood to remember the taste of most dishes.  the miso salmon (US$19.95) consist of fresh miso marinated salmon, snow peas and white rice. salmon with rice on creamy sauce taste awfully delicious !

since i was full after a few mouthfuls, i brought home 1/2 tiramisu cheesecake for US$13. i ate my first slice of tiramisu cheesecake 4 days after i got it. it wasn’t as good as the strawberry cheesecake and red velvet cheesecake i previously had. it’s not about the quality of the cheesecake but the cheesiness. as i said in my past entries, i’m prefer sweet cheesecakes over cheesy ones anytime. sadly, i didn’t eat the remaining slices of tiramisu cheesecakes until 2 weeks later so the quality of the cheesecake is definitely deteriorating.


my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 9/10 (nice interior design, spacious table arrangements, dim lightings for a romantic dinner)
service: 6.5/10 (mixed feelings according to the above)
food (taste & appearance): 7/10 (miso salmon definitely made a good impression on me but i couldn’t remember the taste of the remaining dishes and will never order the tiramisu cheesecake again)
value: 6/10 (costly but huge portions indeed !)

total: 7.13/10★

in conclusion, i will head to cheesecake factory to try out other cheesecakes and their specialties in the near future.
Cheesecake Factory on Urbanspoon

next entry up will be on restaurants serving ramen in vancouver, stay tuned !



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