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my food society friends and i haven’t meet each other since our last dine out session in may. well, it’s been a long time !! so jenny, the well-organized planner decided to share the information regarding the ” taste of yaletown ” to us and she single-handedly arrange the entire dining experience at 100 days for 6 of us, just look how sweet she is :) it’s a pity vicki, joanna and kenny couldn’t come though !

100 days
350 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6B 5Z6
(604) 642-0557

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it was really hard finding the restaurant as there were no prominent signs of it. you will most likely miss it if you are walking past it. i was really shock to find the exterior and interior designed by spray cans and such. i found the design very inconsistent with certain elegant looking areas of the restaurant. the chairs were the usual ones at a chinese restaurant. sitting on it for a long time hurts your bum. the food in general is just average. so much for paying CAN$35 for an average  three-course meal. i was surprise that we also had lollipops for compliments. the only positive factors were the ever-so kind waiters and my awesome comapany.


1) roasted mediterranean vegetable salad

my order for the appetizer is the roasted mediterranean salad, which consists of feta cheese, sicilian olives, lemon, herbs and olive oil. it is really salty and has a weird taste to it. maybe i’m just not cut out for salads because i always don’t seem to enjoy it no matter what.

ratings: 2.5/5★

2) real bbq duck tacos with guacamole

jasmine ordered the tacos and gave one to me since she had 3. the chipotle sour cream and corn salsa are such good compliments for the tacos consisting of corn tortilla shells, confit bbq duck and black bean. the ingredients are sufficient, not overflowing the wrap. huge thumbs up for the awesome appetizer !

ratings: 3/5★

3 ) italian vs french onion soup

i only had a sip of jenny’s soup and i’m already disgusted by it’s distinctive taste. it tasted so nasty !! didn’t bother to continue trying the appetizer. i’m amazed that joe likes it though. can’t give a rating for this since i only had a sip of it but it was enough to kill me !


1) halibut & smoked salmon hash

only thomas and i got this. do not be fooled by the portion of the dish, i felt so bloated after finishing this up ! it might be due to the appetizers or something though. the queen charlotte halibut and wild bc salmon tasted really fresh and enticing. the halibut and salmon were well-seasoned. i like how soft and bland the leeks and potatoes are as it compliments the tastier halibut and salmon.

ratings: 3.25/5★

2) turkey shanks with warm bread stuffing

clement, jenny and joe ordered the turkey and boy, it is enormous ! i only had a bit of clement’s share without all the stuffing and what not. my only conclusion is that the turkey is really dry.

3) house made meat & cheese raviolis

jasmine was the only one who ordered the cheese ravioli. i didn’t try it but the dish consist of mascarpone & veal stuffed, kobe beef ragout, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese.


1) tiramisu

practically everyone except joe and jasmine got the tiramisu. i would have to say the tiramisu is pretty dense and there are too much cocoa powder topping for the tiramisu. also, i could not taste a tinge of alcohol in the  tiramisu. the alternate layers of ladyfingers and creamy are well done though. despite the long list of complaints of the tiramisu, i prefer it over anything else i ordered that day.

ratings: 3.5/5★

2) individual apple pie a la mode

joe and jasmine truly enjoyed their desserts filled with apple pie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and slices of pears.


ambiance: 6.5/10 (totally not what we expected)
service: 7.5/10 (credits to awesome waiters who walks by every now and then to see if we are fine)
food (taste & appearance): 6.13/10
value: 4/10 (not worth CAN$35 – just your average western meals)

total: 6.03/10★

in conclusion, 100 days should definitely not be on the price range of the other yaletown restaurants.
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  • Honest Eater says:

    You’re an idot! You think because you have a camera on your phone and a computer that you are a food critic. Honestly, who are you? Oh wait, we know who you are cause you took a picture of you and your friends. I would be concerned next time you venture in to a restaurant for dinner that people may start to recognizeyou for your bad reviews and give you the cold shoulder, possibly ask you to leave or even spit in you food.


    • admin says:

      well, it takes one to know one, no ? i did not mention that i’m a food critic. i simply love food and like to give my opinion of it. anyways, everyone’s tastebuds are different so i’m cool about whatever you say :)

      p/s: i uploaded the photo of my friends and i to show the interior designs of the restaurant.

  • annoynomous says:

    please don’t ever eat in or around any of the three restaurants I work in, not only are you uneducated about food, but you are also a veryvery poor tipper. Shame on you.

  • [...] and did not mind that janet and i were late. i like how the background music is not too loud like 100 days and we can still hold proper conversations. i totally forgot to snap shots of the restaurants [...]

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