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so this product we have today inspires me to review on pasta since there are lots of ingredients to chopped for the preparation of pasta.

basil pasta bar
636 Davie Street,
Vancouver, BC‎
(604) 568-3106‎

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fae fae took me to this pasta bar two weeks back and i found the place rather decent. i was surprise that the food is inexpensive as compared to other food places at yaletown. it is a fast food restaurant as payment has to be made before the food is served to you.

spaghetti carbonara – CAN$8.35 (inclusive of tax)
” parmesan cream sauce with crispy smoked bacon, egg yolk and peas. garnished with fresh parsley. “

this dish brings back the memories i had in the cafe cartel, singapore. cafe cartel had carbonara as well but it wasn’t as good as the one i had in basil pasta bar. the carbonara at cafe cartel was too creamy for it’s own good. on the other hand, the cream of the carbonara at basil pasta bar is just right. usually, i would order ham or sausage over bacon because of the rich salt content in bacon. this time however, the bacon was not too salty for me. overall, a satisfactory meal worth your every penny !

rating: 3.5/5★

four cheese ravioli – CAN$9.80 (inclusive of tax)
” tomato cream sauce (rose sauce) with spinach and fresh basil. garnished parmesan cheese. “

fae fae got this dish of pasta but i did not try it at all. fae fae never fail to order this dish whenever she’s at basil ! she told me that she likes rose sauce a lot.


pesto shrimp linguine – CAN$8.35 (inclusive of tax)
” pesto cream sauce with shrimp, spinach and white wine. garnished with basil and parmesan cheese. “

i brought gigi to the place again because i think it is worth trying the different variety of pasta they have.

i had this dish but i prefer the spaghetti carbonara so much more. the basil and white wine gave the pasta a strong taste. though i would prefer parmesan cream sauce over pesto cream sauce, the pesto cream sauce was worth a try. usually, i could tell if the seafood in pasta doesn’t taste fresh but the shrimps at basil pasta bar was not too bad.

rating: 2.8/5★

D.I.Y pasta – CAN$8.35 (inclusive of tax)

gigi was so excited when she saw the D.I.Y pasta menu, which consisted of every possible meats/vegetables/pasta/sauces/etc. the best part is there is NO LIMIT as to the number of ingredients or sauces you order !! how cool is that ? what gigi ordered is bacon, tomato, goatcheese, brocolli, mushroom, alfredo and house special sauce and
fettuccine. i was stunned when i saw that the portion of her food was bigger than mine despite us paying the same amount ! i tried a bit of her food and i love the goatcheese this time as it is cut into slices. the house special sauce tasted like curry but it was not spicy. i would like to try ordering my very own D.I.Y pasta the next time i pay basil pasta bar a visit !

rating: 3/5★

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 7.5/10 (casual restaurant that is above average located in the heart of yaletown)
service: 8/10 (self-payment but cashier is very patient to explain the proceedings to DIY your pasta)
food (taste & appearance): 6.2/10 (varies)
value: 9/10 (DIY pasta is more valuable than the house special pasta but both do keep you full)

total: 7.68/10★

in conclusion, i am coming back to try more of their pastas !

Basil Pasta Bar on Urbanspoon

hopefully, i’ll be back for more tomorrow, till then !



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