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marble slab

it was my cousin’s birthday and i was thinking on what cake to get for him. i wanted to get a customized car cake for him but i remembered him telling me that he doesn’t like the taste of customized cakes so i decided on an ice cream cake. mondo gelato cakes have been bought time and again so i decided on marble slab after sam’s suggestion.

marble slab creamery
541 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6
(604) 568-9007

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marble slab marble slab

i just love the decorations of marble slab as it is really neat, colorful and adorable !! the variety of bottles with the different chocolates is an interesting concept to decorate the top area of the store. marble slab is a really versatile gelato store as it has cones with different toppings, many mixins for the gelato and a variety of gelato cakes with mixins. also, the marble slab at broadway and cambie is a new store and it’s grand opening will be on the 1st of may 2011 so go ahead and use the different kinds of promo coupons on that day. the guy serving me was really patient with my indecisiveness and recommended cookie dough to me since athiam loves chocolate.

marble slab marble slab
marble slab

i was thinking of choosing either the large cookie dough (CAN$36+) or cookies and cream but decided on the former instead. the cookie dough cake consist of layers of vanilla and chocolate gelato cake with oreo cookies and fudge and chocolate chip cookie dough mixins. there are whip cream surrounding the gelato cake and at the top edge of the cake. david, mike and kath commented that it was good and asked where i got the cake from. i also found it really appetizing. the mixins blended really well with the cake. the gelato cake at marble slab is way better than the ones at mondo gelato.


ambiance: 9.5/10
service: 8.5/10
food (taste & appearance): 8/10
value: 7.5/10

total: 8.38/10★

in conclusion, marble slab is one store you should consider when buying gelato cakes or just gelato in general.
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