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kamei royale

It was only the forth day that I was back in Vancouver and Jenny and Clement were so excited to meet up so we had dinner after my first day of school. We met at Starbucks opposite Vancouver City Centre station. I was craving for Japanese food so the lovely couple brought me to Kamei Royale.

Kamei Royale
1030 West Georgia Street #211
Vancouver, BC V6E 3B9
(604) 687-8588

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I was thrilled to meet Jenny and Clement that I forgot to take picture of the restaurant’s exterior and interior. The server was very attentive and kept having ongoing conversations with us. The place looks quite refined as well!

kamei royale
kamei royale
kamei royale

I had the Peach Margaritas (1st & 2nd pictures) while Clement and Jenny ordered a glass of Asahi Kuronama Black Larger (3rd picture) each. It costs CAD$8.95 and CAD$6.95 respectively. I found the Peach Margaritas very refreshing as it is made with fresh peach and tequila – Not too alcoholic and not too sweet at the same time!

Ratings: 4/5★

kamei royale
kamei royale
kamei royale

As I was craving for sushi and sashimi, I decided to order the Spicy Salmon Sashimi (1st picture), Saba Roll (2nd picture) and Cherry Blossom Roll (3rd picture). It costs CAD$8.50, CAD$6 and CAD$15.50 respectively. I really begin to appreciate the fresh and huge sashimis in Vancouver ever since I went back to Singapore for a year. The Cherry Blossom Roll looks so appetizing and pretty that I did not feel like eating it but we had to because we pay for it, right? The salmon and avocado is wrapped with Hawaiian red tuna topped with seaweed salad and tobiko – TASTE LIKE HEAVEN!

Ratings of Spicy Salmon Sashimi: 3/5★

Ratings of Saba Roll: 3/5★

Ratings of Cherry Blossom Roll: 4/5★

kamei royale
kamei royale

We also shared the Salmon Agedashi Tofu and Asari Yakiudon, which costs CAD$7.50 and CAD$10.50 respectively. The tofu is wrapped with salmon and cooked with agedashi style. For people who do not know, agedashi tofu is basically shortened tofu topped with spring onions. I found the Salmon Agedashi Tofu too dry but it is fine for me. As for the Asari Yakiudon, it is one of the highlights of the night – thick noodles with clams, vegetables and seafood sauce topped with spring onions – WENT TO YAKIUDON HEAVEN AND BACK!

Ratings of Salmon Agedashi Tofu: 2.5/5★

Ratings of Asari Yakiudon: 4/5★

kamei royale
kamei royale

Clement and Jenny did not forget ordering soup to fulfil my craving for Japanese food so they got the Chawan Mushi and Dobin Mushi, which costs CAD$5.50 each. I was so surprised to see Chawan Mushi in Vancouver because it is quite a common dish in Japanese restaurants in Singapore but not in Vancouver. The Chawan Mushi (one of my favourite dish) consists of mushroom, prawn and vegetables in steamed egg custard – Really delicious if you enjoy warm egg custard! I have not tried any Dobin Mushi before so it was a really cute concept to me. The shrimp, scallop and enoki mushroom soup is served in an adorable Japanese teapot so you have to scoop up the ingredients, close the teapot and pour the soup onto your bowl like how you will usually pour tea – gratifying to my tummy!

Ratings of Chawan Mushi: 3.5/5★

Ratings of Dobin Mushi: 3/5★

kamei royale
kamei royale
kamei royale

We did not leave Oyster Miso Motoyaki (Miso Mixed Oyster Motoyaki ), Ika Sugata Yaki (Grilled Squid) and Shake Belly (BBQ Salmon Belly). It costs CAD$4.95 per piece, CAD$8.50 and CAD$4.50 respectively. Those gastronomic goodies made me so bloated but satisfied – succulent, fresh and delectable!

Ratings of Oyster Miso Motoyaki: 3/5★

Ratings of Ika Sugata Yaki: 4/5★

Ratings of Shake Belly: 3/5★

kamei royale
kamei royale
kamei royale

Even though we were very full, I decided to have Creme Brulee Cheesecake because I really enjoy Japanese dessert. It costs CAD$6.50. We got to see how the top part of the creme brulee was being caramelized – not too sweet yet very palatable!

Ratings: 4.5/5★

kamei royale

The total bill is CAD$113.85, inclusive of tax but exclusive of tips!

11:30am – 2:00pm Weekdays
12:00am – 2:00pm Weekends
5:00pm – 10:00pm Sun -Thurs
5:00pm – 10:30pm Fri – Sat
Karaoke Bar Lounge:
9:30pm – late night Tues – Sat

Ambiance: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Food (taste & appearance): 6.92/10
Value: 6/10

Total: 7.23/10★

As I just came back from Singapore, everything at Kamei Royale tastes pretty good to me!
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