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lately, i’ve been under so much pressure and stress that i actually just feel like giving up everything and leave but i will not because i cannot afford to hurt my loved ones. i seriously hate departures, especially if your close, intimate loved ones are leaving for good. i couldn’t believe that everything happened so quickly and suddenly but oh well, this is life. & to deal with what i’m struggling with, let’s have a feast on burgers, fries, pasta and aplenty of desserts !

1101 Denman Street,
Vancouver, BC V6G2M7‎
(604) 689-8858‎

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arya and i walked along denman street last summer. we were famished and looking for a place to eat. he wanted to try something new so after hours of searching for a good place to eat, we went in immediately right after we saw the cool exterior of fatburger. we had to make payment by the cashier before our food was served. in this way, fatburger is more or less mcdonaldized. the cashier was rather irritable though.

i couldn’t exactly remember what burger we had but we got the large deal, which consist of large burger, drink and fries. the cool thing about fatburger is their drinks are refillable !! i absolutely love their lemonade drink, especially during the hot and dry summer. their fries are really crispy and how i wish it is refillable. the burger was way better than mcdonalds (for sure) but not as good as red robins.

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 9.5/10 (huge place, comfortable long seatings, cool fatburger designs all over)
service: 5/10 (self-service)
food (taste & appearance): 8/10 (the way they presented the burgers and fries makes me wanna frequent the place)
value: 7.5/10 (HUGE portion for a decent price)

total: 7.5/10★

in conclusion, i love the outlet at denman and i’ll head back again, especially during the hot summer season !
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111 Dunsmuir Street,
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-9640‎

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so many fatburger outlets opened after the outlet at denman street and one such branch was the one near stadium skytrain station. again, arya brought me here and we ordered the mushroom burger. i found it way better than the mushroom burger i usually buy from ubc’s burger bar. the mushrooms are not as numerous as the one in burger bar though. as i said, i love the fries & i sure as hell love the lemonade. i have yet to try their smoothies though. oh and just a comment about the dunsmuir is that it is so much smaller than the deman one. therefore, there are fewer seats. it’s more like a take out restaurant but arya and i ate there anyhow.

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 6/10 (more seats for customers, pretty please ?)
service: 5/10 (self-service)
food (taste & appearance): 8/10 (same as above)
value: 7.5/10 (HUGE portion for a decent price)

total: 6.63/10★

in conclusion, i prefer the denman outlet to the dunsmir outlet but the burgers and food tastes the same !
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Airport Boulevard,
3F Changi Airport T2 – Public Area,
6546 4485

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crystal, clark and i ate at changi airport’s fish & co outlet back in 2007 ! afterwhich, gillian, crystal, vivian and i ate there once more in 2008. the place is really huge and they even have a bar area of their own. the waitress was very friendly and patient when we were fickle-minded with our orders.

seafood platter for two – CAN$40+
platter of seasonal fish, calamari, prawns and russels in creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce

the calamari and shrimps were my favourite ! it was so tasty and finger-licking good !

” chunky & juicy swordfish collar, fried & served with spicy mango vinaigrette “

all i could remember about this was that the swordfish was tasty and a little too salty for my liking.

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 10/10 (seriously, it is too big. good place to chill and have private conversations)
service: 8.5/10 (awesome service !)
food (taste & appearance): 8/10 (decent seafood restaurant)
value: 5.5/10 (HUGE portion but it is a little expensive compared to here)

total: 8/10★

in conclusion, i can’t wait to get my hands on the seafood of fish&co again when i’m back in sunny singapore !

+ + + +

803 Thurlow Street,
Vancouver, BC V6E1W1
(604) 662-8288‎

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the red robin branch at downtown is huge but you still got to wait for seats if you are in large groups (unless you make a reservations). also, it’s easier to find seats which only consist of 2.

i couldn’t remember what burger was this but i remember ordering:

whiskey river BBQ burger – CAN$9 – $10+

” Basted with our signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce and lasso’d together with Cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo. “

i really like the crispy onion within the burgers because i don’t usually like burgers unless they have a crispy ingredient in it. if not, it will be a bland meal for me.

ratings: 3.5/5★

* sidenote: fries are refillable

arya was ordering the following burger:

bleu ribbon burger – CAN$9 – $10+
” A juicy burger basted with a tangy steak sauce and topped with crumbled Bleu cheese. Served with crispy onion straws, lettuce, tomatoes and zesty Chipotle mayo on an onion bun. “

and he found the bleu cheese disgusting. he tried mine and wanted to change instantly (as usual) !

muddymud pie – CAN$4 to $6 ?

arya and i was SURPRISED when we saw the GIGANTIC portion of muddymud pie !!! although we enjoyed the dessert a hell lot, we were BLOATED when we finished the pie as the burgers/beverages/fries were already very filling. the muddymud pie was coated with whip cream, colourful toppings, cherries and chocolate sauce. it tasted a lot like chocolate and vanilla ice cream but a high quality one ! i really would order another one if i am not very full.

ratings: 4/5★

freckled lemonade

arya and i always get confused between the berry raspberry limeade and freckled lemonade. we prefer the latter rather than the former. the berry raspberry limeade taste more like raspberry 7up while the freckled lemonade is pretty sweet, especially with slices of strawberries in it. both beverages are refillable though. although you order the lemonade first, you are able to refill it with limeade and vice versa.

ratings for very berry raspberry limeade: 4.5/5★

ratings for freckled lemonade: 2.5/5★

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 7/10 (pretty crowded but there are lots of space between each table)
service: 6.5/10 (the waitresses are not too bad)
food (taste & appearance): 7.25/10 (love the desserts over the burgers)
value: 8.5/10 (ENORMOUS portion, refillable fries and beverages)

total: 7.31/10★

in conclusion, i would pray for another dining experience in the red robin branch at downtown with arya again :/
Red Robin (Robson) on Urbanspoon

4640 Kingsway,
Burnaby, BC
(604) 439-7696‎

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i really couldn’t remember my order but arya had ..

crispy fish burger

” The reel thing! Icy cold water Cod filets, hand-battered in a light tempura batter and fresh-fried. Topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and dill’d & pickle’d tartar sauce to lure you in. “

it was pretty good (though not as crispy), as compared to the fish burger in burger bar. it is not as crispy as burger bar as red robin frequently change the oils for frying their fishes & such. as for burger bar, they do not change the oils regularly.

ratings: 4/5★


i found red robin’s pasta VERY plain and bland. it is totally not worth your CAN$10. fortunately for me, i found a strand of hair there and natalia reported it to the waitress. the manager came over and told me that they will make a new pasta dish for me and i do not have to pay for my meal. how awesome was that seriously !?

ratings: 2/5★

natalia had the fajita:
” Create your own masterpiece. Garlic Parmesan Chicken, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, zesty salsa and sour cream served with hot flour tortillas. “

it wasn’t her style of eating but she found it average.

kiki had the steak and i think he didn’t like it very much.

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: 8/10 (has more seats readily available)
service: 10/10 (i was AMAZED that i didn’t have to fork out a single CENT for the pasta)
food (taste & appearance): 6/10 (ewww, not as nice.)
value: 7/10 (value for money for the burger but not the pasta)

total: 7.75/10★

in conclusion, i would pray for another dining experience in the red robin branch at metrotown with arya again :/
Red Robin (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

burgers* can’t wait to try out vera burger’s !

next week, i’ll be back for more food posts ! no more procrastinations so watch this space !



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  • zIp-dIsk says:

    as the saying goes, cherished the precious things/people around you. don’t wait till when you are about to / already lose them then regret. everything will be too late by then.

    on a happy note, i have seen similiar type burgers being sold at restaurants and then they taste very nice and juicy as well. the fat burger looks nice and very tempting to try…

    why did you suddenly show out fish and co in singapore? lols. maybe shld show fish and co express instead. hahaha.

    • admin says:

      yeah, i did cherish him but the distance and communication will not work if he goes back for good.

      anyways, i seriously love fatburger’s funky exterior !!

      and oh, cos singapore’s fish & co has fries in them but LOL ! i focus too much on the seafood, hahaha !

  • Readlydex says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

  • [...] didn’t head to an italian restaurant on sunday but i had mac and cheese at red robins for my birthday lunch with sfu c4c members [...]

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