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max brenner

Crystal wanted to meet me in mid January before I went back to Jakarta for Lunar New Year celebration with my family. Since we have delayed our trip to the new mall, she suggested meeting there. She wanted me to try hot chocolate at Max Brenner so we settled there for desserts.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
112 East Coast Road, #01-05 112 Katong,
+65 6345 0616

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max brenner
max brenner
max brenner
max brenner
max brennermax brenner

The first picture is the entrance to Max Brenner from the mall itself. The second picture is the counter itself but it is bigger than what the picture depicts. The third picture is the outdoor dining area of Max Brenner and the forth is the logo of Max Brenner from the exterior of the side of Katong 112. The last shot is the cover of the menu, which has colourful patterns at the background – pretty, ain’t it? The service is just average as all the servers there are very young. The 6th picture depicts a symbol of the creator of this brand, Max Brenner, the bald man. Quite creative if you think about it. A logo of a bald man definitely leaves an impression because it is somewhat unique.
max brennermax brennermax brennermax brennermax brennermax brenner

Crystal recommended Suckao to me as she had it in Australia  and she love how unique the item is presented. I was curious as to what Suckao refers to and the original site gave me the meaning of it:
“Suck –to draw the dense liquid through the metal straw
Kakao – the Spanish word for cocoa beans from which this rich, pure drink is made & determine its quality”

We chose the dark chocolate flavour for our concentrated hot chocolate shot. As seen above, we were served with a small plate of dark chocolate chips, a cup of milk and cup with a tea light candle to maintain the temperature of the warm milk and hot chocolate. Crystal taught me how to prepare the drink.

1) First, we got to pour the milk into the cup with the tea light candle.

2) Next, we use the metal straw, which can also be served as a spoon to gently stir in the chocolate chips into the warm milk.

3) We can finally enjoy our very own creation by sipping the hot chocolate with our metal straw. For a more richer feel, do add more chocolate chips but do not add too much as it was so hard when we left it without stirring after awhile.

What a mouth-watering hot chocolate drink! – much better than Thierry’s hot chocolate in Vancouver!

The hot chocolate shot costs SGD$7.90 – Just sufficient for both of us and it was a really good experience!

Ratings: 4/5★

max brenner
max brenner
max brenner
max brenner
max brenner
max brenner

The next item we shared was the Banana Split Waffles, which is big enough for the both of us. It is worth SGD$18.90. Although the overall taste is above average but the ingredients for this item is far too sweet for our taste buds. The dessert comprised of Belgium waffles with bananas split into half, milk chocolate truffle, caramelized rice krispies and vanilla bourbon ice cream. I mean rice krispies is already sweet enough. Why is caramel needed to coat the rice krispies? The chocolate truffles are the highlight of the dessert though! Max Brenner defnitely specializes in chocolates but their ingredients for items like waffles are really ridiculous! Really dislike the food if it is overly saccharine.

Ratings: 2.5/5★

max brenner max brenner

The total bill came up to SGD$31.55, inclusive of 7% GST & 10% service charge. Although it is a little pricey, it is worth the experience! Will definitely be back to try something else!

Sun–Thu: 9am – 12am
Fri–Sat: 11am – 3am
Bus: 14, 12, 10, 40

Ambiance: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Food (taste & appearance): 6.5/10
Value: 7.5/10

Total: 6.75/10★

In conclusion, do give Max Brenner a try for a euphoric chocolate experience!


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