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isn’t it boring that downtown and metrotown are the first two locations people head to when they are bored ? people should totally head to north vancouver to have exclusive food such as beaver tails, pavlova and oysters ! as they always say, ” the grass is greener on the other side “.

published on 18th july 2010; last updated on 12th june 2011

beaver tails
123 Carrie Cates Court,
North Vancouver, BC‎
(604) 983-7001‎

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arya brought me to this place last summer and boy, was i amazed by their marvelous desserts !! the beaver tail is an extraordinary dessert that few people know of.

according to wikipedia, the beaver tail is a fried dough hand stretched individually to make it resemble a beaver tail. what i saw the boss doing was putting the fried dough into the oil for it to enlarge. afterwhich, the boss will put on whatever spread we have ordered and cut it into 6 pieces if requested.

chocolate hazelnut beaver tail – CAN$4.29

this was the first beaver tail i have ever eaten in my life. i really like how flaky and crispy the dough is and how the icing sugar complements the chocolate hazelnut. it was indeed a good experience trying something new !

ratings: 4.5/5★

maple leaf beaver tail – CAN$4.29

i came back craving for more beaver tails after one year has passed. this time, i brought gigi & karrie along with me. i decided to try the maple leaf flavor instead of the usual chocolate hazelnut. the filling was maple syrup topped with chocolate sauce. i found it sweeter as compared to the chocolate hazelnut but it was still as good. i totally forgot to ask them to slice the beaver tail and it was so difficult for gigi, karrie and i to cut it up ourself.

ratings: 3.5/5★


i went back home from school on thursday and mich randomly asked if i wanted to follow her to north vancouver so that she can buy honeysticks for her sister. i was contemplating about it and i decided to go with her as i am also craving for beaver tails. we got the maple syrup and blueberry beaver tails. like last year, the maple leaf beaver tail was good. as for the blueberry one, it is not as sweet as the maple leaf beaver tail. however, it is still tasty and definitely everyone’s favorite kind of desserts, especially for the summer !

ratings: 3/5★


my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: nil (food court area)
service: 8.5/10 (lady boss is rather polite even though she pulls a long face)
food (taste & appearance): 7.33/10 (definitely the perfect dessert for me !)
value: 10/10 (worth your every penny trying the extraordinary !)

total: 8.61/10★

in conclusion, this place is for keeps !
Beaver Tails (Lonsdale Quay) on Urbanspoon

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screaming mimi’s
123 Carrie Cates Court,
North Vancouver, BC‎
(604) 987-3466‎

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gigi recommended me to try the oysters at screaming mimi’s as her boyfriend usually buys a dozen home to satisfy his cravings ! so i went about to buy the creamy oyster. the place is pretty neat considering the amount of raw food they have. the person serving me was also very patient when i counted my coins to pay up for my order.

creamy oyster – CAN$3.75

simply love the cheese that compliments the oyster and basically melts in our mouth when we eat it. the oyster was very fresh even though karrie did not fancy it since she does not like oysters.

ratings: 3/5★

my overall ratings are as follows:

ambiance: nil (food court)
service: 7/10 (a patient but busy server)
food (taste & appearance): 6/10 (nom nom nom*)
value: 5/10 (not filling considering that each oyster is CAN$3.75 and such but i’ll give credit as seafood is pretty expensive)

total: 6/10★

in conclusion, i’ll be back for more oysters since there is a variety of it !
Screaming Mimi's on Urbanspoon

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i know that i talked about writing an entry on mexican cuisines but i’ll do it the very next post. thank you for your patience, readers !


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