[TRAVELS] 黑沙海灘 / Hac Sa Beach @ Coloane, Macau

Posted by swisscheese on May 1, 2017 in beach, hiking, macau |

Right after we hiked at Tai Tam Mountain with my cousin, her helper and her two dogs, she sent her dogs and helper home before driving me to Hac Sac beach to explore the place, as well as get our body moving.

Hac Sac Beach / 黑沙海灘
Estrada de Hac Sa, Coloane, Macau, China

Although Hac Sa is only natural beach in Macau, the long narrow strip of sand on the beach is a mixture of black and yellow sand since the government has added yellow sand so as to prevent erosion. This may be one of the explanations on why the sand is rather coarse instead of soft. Unlike the beautiful beaches in popular places like Phuket, Lombok and Boracay, the beach at Hac Sa is not necessarily the cleanest or best to swim in. The water quality in the beach is not good so it is highly discouraged to swim there. However, people often come here to fish and go for long walks due to it’s beautiful marble railings and natural steep stairs. There are also BBQ pits and a couple of famous Portuguese restaurants along Hac Sa and if you have a vast amount of time at Macau, you can give it a try and gain a new experience this way. My cousin Seow Yuen and I did none of the above except climbing the steeps stairs at Hac Sac and trekking to the Volleyball court and back. The trek took about an hour to complete before we went off for our brunch.

Something to take note of is that the beach is not very accessible if you are not driving there as there are no cabs to flag for and you have no idea where the buses are heading towards so it will best to go there by car.

I am looking forward to more morning hikes with my cousin if I ever head back to Macau as this gives a very different experience from the usual cotai casino vacation!



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