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So from my previous entry on the recipe of Ongol-ongol, I mentioned that my aunt and I made a total of 3 Indonesian/Nyonya delicacies. Today, I will share how we made kaya spread with one another. I have to admit that this is the second time my aunt taught me how to make kaya spread. Previously when she taught me, I wasn’t focusing because I preferred to make cakes and such. However, I am into Nyonya and Indonesian cuisines now.

Ingredients for Kaya Spread:

 200 ml of coconut milk
5 egg yolks
2-3 pandan leaves
1/2 cup sugar

non sticky pan

ongol ongol

1) Firstly, you have to squeeze 200 ml of coconut milk from fresh shredded coconut. In the previous entry on Ongol-ongol, you have to use young shredded coconut for freshness. In this case, you have to use older shredded coconut so as to extract more coconut milk at a time.  We poured everything into a measuring cup with the precise amount before transferring it to the cup.

2) Secondly, 1/2 cup of sugar mentioned in the ingredient list has has to be the same level as the coconut milk or even lesser if you do not like your spread to be too sweet.


3) Thirdly, you have to separate 5 egg yolks with the egg whites.

4) Next, you have to add the 200 ml of coconut milk with the same level of sugar and 5 egg yolks together and mix it so as to melt the sugar.

5) When the sugar has dissolved, steam the bowl of mixture until the water at the bottom of the steamer has boiled. When it has boiled, steam it for another 20 minute for it to be ready.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

6) Then, wash 2-3 pandan leaves thoroughly and cut it into pieces as shown above.

7) Place the steamed mixture into a non-sticky pan together with the pandan leaves and stir it continuously for 20 minutes.

You have gotten yourself a healthier version of the thick and sweet kaya spread sold outside. I guess we put in too much egg yolk that made the kaya spread slightly yellowish but it definitely has a homely taste of kaya and I love it! My aunt loves making food that has less sugar, flavorings and colorings.

Will be writing about the recipe for Singkong soon, stay tuned !



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